Pixelated Country IV
Pixelated Country IV
Hand-sewn thread on watercolor paper

In the “Pixelated Country” series I use my photographs as a matrix to sew abstracted cornfields. I carefully immerse myself in the fields, allowing consideration for the environmental and social issues surrounding these ubiquitous landscapes. Visually, I perceive the gentle slopes between rows to hold a natural and humble beauty. In reality, this effect is a byproduct of mechanized agriculture. Technological farming advances have allowed for previously unthinkable increases in scale and efficiency. Similarly, the ability to render an image is aided by digital technology. These advances allow for increases in volume and yield and decreases in time spent. I reverse this process by using my digital photographs as a matrix to hand sew this series with needle and thread. Stitching up and down the rows, I replicate the order, beauty, and quiet menace of mechanized agriculture.